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Adware-alexa? There is Adware in the Alexa toolbar

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At least, that is what my virus scanner told me.

Today I was wanting to be a “regular reader” to some of my sites, so I switched back to Internet Explorer, and I got myself equipped with the Google Toolbar and Alexa Toolbar.

I didn’t have these installed on Firefox, because the SearchStatus add-on could help me tell the Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rankings of the sites (which is essentially what I need for each of the toolbars).

To my horror, when I tried to install the Alexa Toolbar, my virus scanner told me that the toolbar comes with Adware!

Now, tell me. Which should I believe - the virus scanner, or Alexa?

I guess I won’t take chances. Out you go, Alexa. I’ll stick to Firefox and SearchStatus. I’d browse happy.

Interestingly Alexa has a nice little box on the toolbar download page that goes like this:

My oh my… looks like something went wrong somewhere huh.


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